Change the tone, change everything

You’re at work, standing in front of your team, ready to present a new project. It’s going to be a lot of work and not everyone is going to be excited about it. They already have a lot going on and now you’re adding one more thing to their plate.

How do you do this and elicit a positive response over a negative one?

Use energetic and dynamic communication.

There is great power in the above, great power in seeing, hearing and feeling that communication.

Engage your audience with the proper body language and tone.

If you begin to present the new project with arms crossed using language like, “I know you’re already busy but…” negative energy surfaces immediately.

Using open arms and language like, “I’m thrilled to have such a fantastic group in front of me to work on this exciting venture,” positive energy appears. The team feels supported and appreciated, so hearing the news that a new project is happening, won’t seem as bad after all.

Feel the energy of the message, the range of emotions and shift the energy of your audience with your own energy.

If you are smiling, happy and enthusiastic, your team feeds off that.

Be an inspiring, motivating leader and your behavior affects how your team digests the information, how they interact with one another and how they complete the tasks going forward.

When you find the self-awareness in what you are communicating, you make a conscious decision to prep for success.  Effective communicators can read the room and shift everyone to a higher level in order to create winning opportunities.

The next time you’re faced with speaking to your team about something that isn’t easy to talk about, try out the technique above and then send me your feedback.

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