Increase Emotional Intelligence to Increase Morale

Are you bringing your worries and anxieties from home into the workplace?

If you’re thinking about your car that needs repaired and you’re feeling angry, is it affecting the way you talk to your team at work?

If you’re feeling stressed because college tuition payment for your child is due at the end of the month, are you really focusing on making sure your team has everything they need to do their job or are you rushing through meetings because you just aren’t mentally there.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is considered as a greater awareness of how our thoughts and feelings correlate to our outward displays and behaviors and the ability to express and manage them appropriately to help others do the same.

EI impacts all aspects and every relationship in your life.

Those that increase their EI competencies tend to decrease the stress of most relationships and demonstrate greater leadership and decision-making skills.

Increase your EI and morale increases, as well.

Change the ‘me’ to ‘we’ attitude in the workplace to enhance team empowerment  

If you’re asking someone to stay late at work, because you need more assistance, think about all the emotions they will feel when you tell them. They may be angry or feel stressed.

If you are aware of this feeling, and you present information with a true compassion, it will enrich the relationship and increase interpersonal effectiveness.

“We have this presentation due next week and I know with your help, we can make it amazing. Are you able to stay a few hours late tonight and we can work on this together?”

Your emotions affect others. If you ask your team member to stay late, use language that makes them feel respected. If you are in a bad mood and come across stressed out, they feel your energy and respond accordingly.

Communication tends to be the biggest factor in dysfunctional relationships.  Holding back the appropriate expression of emotions creates negative energy and can affect your level of EI.

Successful, highly conscious leaders manage and control their emotions to have a positive, powerful effect on those around them.

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