You lead a team.

Your role as a leader isn’t always easy and you crave a more inspired and motivated staff.

If you would like to become the ideal leader and resolve frustrations and concerns of: 

  • The constant feel of being overwhelmed by too many responsibilities

  • Being frustrated that you can't seem to get ahead even though you work hard and have great ideas

  • Aggravation that you're job is mostly fixing problems using 'have to' not 'want to' energy

  • Wanting less stress, to get more done with less time and effort

  • Workplace conflict from competing personalities of peers, direct reports and bosses

  • Negative corporate culture highlighting problems and failures overlooking successes

All you need to do is ask.

I’m Elizabeth Bessey. EB Professional Coaching is my business and positive transformation is my passion. As an HR professional for 20+ years, I’ve worked in cultures of small businesses employing a handful of staff to corporations with thousands of employees in multiple locations.

Core energy coaching can inspire you to get positive results.

As a coach, I offer personalized services, workshops and tools to help you create an environment where everyone can thrive by re-focusing your attention to success, discover the real causes of stress, help you lead thru inspiration and motivation to recreate and envision the ideal image of your role as a leader.

If you’ve been nodding your head as you read the above....