If you’re in charge, lead with motivation

It’s hard getting up and going to work every day. Everyone is dealing with situations beyond their control – family problems, finance or health issues, and sometimes going to work seems like just another part of the endless cycle of trying to keep it all together. 

If you’re the leader, if you’re in charge, leading with motivation can make all the difference. Be fully engaged at the highest level of energy and set the example of the energy the team will follow regardless of the knowledge, skills and experience of those on the team.

Create opportunities for everyone and help them commit to actions, stay in their lane and create success with your support.

By empowering your team, clarifying roles, creating an open door policy and celebrating successes, you’re helping them focus on their achievements, do their jobs with the tools necessary and understand they can communicate issues to you without fear. Lacking these skills can block you and your team from success.

If everyone has been working really hard on a project for months, maybe it’s time for a team retreat or a surprise half day on a Friday.

The little things make such a big difference.  Motivation comes in all forms. A note saying thank you for a job well done can mean more than anything.

Shift energy, inspire and help your team transform into the best versions of themselves.

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